The best Christmas gift ideas for your running besties

15 Nov 2021 by MichelleKahn0

It may seem like your running besties have everything they need, but trust me, this little hobby of ours is an endless pit of gear, gadgets, and equipment!

I have taken some time to put together a bit of a list to give you some great ideas to use for Christmas, but if you don’t celebrate Christmas then save these for birthdays or other upcoming gifting occasions. These are not necessarily in any preferential order.

  1. Socks – R89 – R139

Use this suggestion as a stocking filler, or as a gift. Thanks to the likes of Versus, Balega and Falke, socks are cool again! Trust me. Check out these adorable patterns from Versus:

2. Running shoes – R2000 – R3000

Now, hear me out! I know it’s nice to be able to give people an actual box of shoes, but the tricky thing with this is that runners really need to fit their shoes before the purchase. If you are based in Johannesburg, then unless you know the exact brand and size of shoes that a person wears, perhaps rather consider buying a gift voucher from The Sweat Shop. There are stores in Bedfordview, Dunkeld, Irene, and Claremont (JHB, CPT & PTA). The giftee will receive far superior service from them than they ever would from Sportsmans Warehouse (sorry to throw this shade but their staff know nothing, John Snow!).

Click the voucher image below to head straight to their website.

3. Tights – R420 – R500

There is one thing you’ll need to figure out about the person you’re shopping for. . . do they wear Esjays, Funky Pants, or Bean Bag the Brand? If she wears Esjays, she’s going to be disappointed in Funky Pants. Brutal, but true. We all have our own preferences, stick with those! In the photo below, the lady on the left is wearing Bean Bag the Brand and the two on the right are wearing Esjays. Neither are superior, it’s just about personal preference.

4. ICE bracelet – R229

I know this is a bit of an average topic, but running with an ICE bracelet is always a good idea. Accidents happen on the road and in South Africa, people shouldn’t be running with their cellphones, and so it is a great idea to have your identification readily available.

5.  Headphones

Before I left Johannesburg, I was gifted a pair of Volkano earphones and I have been yet to share my views on them because people will know me to wear the old Plantronics Backbeats. The Volkano Sprint earphones are great for the money spent. The sound is not as incredible as the Plantronics, but they stay inside your ear perfectly through skipping, jumping, and running, and they are really easy to use. I am going to give you two recommendations that will then fit into different budget ranges.

Volkano Sprint 2.0: R449


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